Hey honey, before I begin let’s get few things straight here. Technically I am not fully qualified to give advices to aspiring writers given a fact that I am just one (fiction) book old and honestly I don’t have any serious, heavy-weight advice to give either. BUT on the bases of my own experience as a previously struggling writer and now published author, I think I can give you some teeny-tiny tips which I hope would help you to get your book publish. So if you are interested then read on and if not then I am sure you can find zillions of self-help publishing guides on internet, so feel free to go and order as many as you want.

Get started

Paint your nails, buy a fancy notepad and loads of pens and sit down to write whatever random ideas come to your mind and then slowly give it a shape. To get your book out there you gotta start from the scratch and write, actually write. Making up stories in your head only is not going help much but writing them definitely will.

Keep on writing

My experience says that it’s easy to start but difficult as hell to carry on and finish that book. So brace yourself and make it a point to write everyday even if it’s half a page because once you get drifted away from the story, it’s hard to come back.

Write what you really want to write

Don’t blindly follow a trend. Write what you believe in and what you really want to. Make your craft stand out. Give the readers a good reason to buy your book.

Get out and about the town

Writing is a lonely job and trust me that’s the only downside of this otherwise fabulous profession. So when you start to get blank between the scenes and doubting your own book, get away from your desk! You need to go out and have some fun with your pals or partner. My idea of fun is limited to a good meal at a nice restaurant or a cup of coffee with my girls. Figure out what charges your battery.


Reading is as important as writing. Read as much as you can, especially in the genre you write in. Reading other authors work will help you to learn and grow. Sometimes I pick up a book and find myself glued to it and sometimes I can’t even get through fifty pages without napping in between the chapters. Reading helps you to spot a difference between an ordinary book and a good book.

Get a thick skin

Now when after the months of labour your manuscript is ready you would naturally want to send it out to the publishers. Please go ahead and mail, courier or post your manuscript but be prepared for the rejection letters which are about to come flying in your direction. My inbox is full of them. I even got some typed on the crisp white papers delivered through the postman. I would be lying if I say that I wasn’t affected by it at all, rather I cried inconsolably upon receiving few specific rejection letters but next day I would wake up bright and early and would start afresh.

Don’t give up

Last but definitely not the least, never ever give up on your dreams. I didn’t! I tried to get published as a women fiction writer for five years before signing the contract with Harlequin India. If I can, then you can too. I am a living proof that dreams do come true but you have to believe in them with your heart and soul and have to give it your hundred percent.